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The Lost Lectures

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The Lost Lectures NY: Number Two

5th Jun 2015

After last years knockout knockdown Lost adventure, we take another bold step into the hidden core of the Big Apple for ‘The Lost Lectures NY: Number Two’ We again team…

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22nd May 2015

We returned to the World’s capital of counter-culture, armed with a lineup that ranged from the inspiring to the insane. It was our privilege to bring the historic ‘StummfilmKino Delphi’…

Muti-day event
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14th May 2015 - 15th May 2015

Ladies, Gentlemen, Lostlings of the jury, The Lost Court has been adjourned, following our 2 day takeover of an abandoned courtroom and chambers. In the docks was an infamous selection…

Muti-day event
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3rd Oct 2014 - 4th Oct 2014

Since the very beginning, there’s been one elusive space that we’ve dreamt of bringing back to life. An abandoned theatre way above the Skyline of London, that has remained under…

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